SCT2511 Series are replacement of JST EH series connectors. 2.5mm pitch,It is designed to meet the demand for the high-density connection of internal wires to PC boards.
compatible Jst EH Series Connector
Pitch 2.5mm
Poles 2-16 poles
Current rating 3A (AWG#22-#28)
Item Spec.
Part No. SCT2511
Compatible: JST EH series connector
Pitch - Mating Interface 2.5mm
Circuits 2 - 16
Applicable wire: AWG #22 - #28 (Max.OD: 1.5mm)
Current Rating: 3A
Voltage Rating: 250V
Temperature Range: -25°C~+85°C
Contact Resistance: 20m Omega Max
Insulation Resistance: 1000M Omega Min
Withstanding Voltage: 1000V AC/minute

EH 2.5mm pitch connector

EH 2.5mm pitch connector mostly used in circuits where high density connections are desired. The compact design, reliability in connection and cheap in cost features have increased the usage of the connector.


Ultra Compact design

The connector occupies very small space on the circuit because of its small and thin design. The height of the EH connector is only 8.1 mm and the width of the connector is 3.8mm. This height and width has been noted after mounting the connector.

Reliable contact

The dimple structure at the center of the contact is indicative of the positive contact between the points. The contact resistance offered by the connector is very low. The connector has long wire strip length of 2.6 mm. the length of the wire varies within a range of +-0.4mm.

Easy determination of polarity

EH 2.5mm pitch connector has polarity indicators known as polarizing guides for both header and housing. This has been gives to avoid improper connection.

Easy gripping and crimping

The strip length of the wire adds to the ease of connection by crimping the wires. Automatic crimping is lot easier than manual crimping.

Applicable wire and PCB thickness

This connector can be applicable to wire of AWG #22 to #28 with wire diameter of 1.5 mm. It is applicable to PCB thickness of 0.8 mm to 1.6 mm.


EH connector works as a solution for the number of internal wires connected to the PC board for designing the electronic circuits. This connector finds most of its uses in the road vehicles. The connector also finds its application in various other automotive sector and housing applications. Camcorder or camera auxiliary equipments make use of the EH connector.

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    Part No. Cross Reference

    Housing & Terminal
    SCT2511-TP SEH-001T-P0.6
    SCT2511-TP *SEH-001T-P0.6L
    SCT2511-TP *SEH-002T-P0.6L
    SCT2511-TP *SEH-003T-P0.6L
    SCT2511H-2P EHR-2
    SCT2511H-3P EHR-3
    SCT2511H-4P EHR-4
    SCT2511H-5P EHR-5
    SCT2511H-6P EHR-6
    SCT2511H-7P EHR-7
    SCT2511H-8P EHR-8
    SCT2511H-9P EHR-9
    SCT2511H-10P EHR-10
    SCT2511H-11P EHR-11
    SCT2511H-12P EHR-12
    SCT2511H-13P EHR-13
    SCT2511H-14P EHR-14
    SCT2511H-15P EHR-15
    Vertical Header
    SCT2511WV-2P B2B-EH-A
    SCT2511WV-3P B3B-EH-A
    SCT2511WV-4P B4B-EH-A
    SCT2511WV-5P B5B-EH-A
    SCT2511WV-6P B6B-EH-A
    SCT2511WV-7P B7B-EH-A
    SCT2511WV-8P B8B-EH-A
    SCT2511WV-9P B9B-EH-A
    SCT2511WV-10P B10B-EH-A
    SCT2511WV-11P B11B-EH-A
    SCT2511WV-12P B12B-EH-A
    SCT2511WV-13P B13B-EH-A
    SCT2511WV-14P B14B-EH-A
    SCT2511WV-15P B15B-EH-A
    Right-angle Header
    SCT2511WR-2P S2B-EH
    SCT2511WR-3P S3B-EH
    SCT2511WR-4P S4B-EH
    SCT2511WR-5P S5B-EH
    SCT2511WR-6P S6B-EH
    SCT2511WR-7P S7B-EH
    SCT2511WR-8P S8B-EH
    SCT2511WR-9P S9B-EH
    SCT2511WR-10P S10B-EH
    SCT2511WR-11P S11B-EH
    SCT2511WR-12P S12B-EH
    SCT2511WR-13P S13B-EH
    SCT2511WR-14P S14B-EH
    SCT2511WR-15P S15B-EH