SCT2501 Series

SCT2501 Series are replace of JST XH connector. 2.5mm pitch,are widely use on many field with high reliability and versatility performance.mounting height of 9.8mm.
compatible Jst XH Series Connector
Pitch 2.5mm
Poles 2-16 poles
Current rating 3A (AWG#22-#28)
Item Spec.
Part No. SCT2501
Compatible: JST XH series connector
Pitch - Mating Interface 2.5mm
Circuits 2 - 16
Applicable wire: AWG #22 - #28 (Max.OD: 1.5mm)
Current Rating: 3A
Voltage Rating: 250V
Temperature Range: -25°C~+85°C
Contact Resistance: 20m Omega Max
Insulation Resistance: 1000M Omega Min
Withstanding Voltage: 1000V AC/minute

JST XH 2.5mm pitch connector

JST XH 2.5mm pitch connector is wire to board crimp style connector. This XH series connector is quite known for its miniscule structure. The mounting height of the connector is as small as 9.8mm. The connector has been designed on the basis of the reliability offered by the NH series connectors.


Types and mounting direction

The XH series connector is of three types. Crimp, disconnectable and shrouded header are the three types of the connector. The connector can be mounted on the PC board in both as top and side entry.

Shrouded header

The shrouded header of the connector has a great advantage. Generally resin is coated over the PC board. The shrouded header prevents the pins from coming in contact with the pins of the connector. The header is also made tall for the same reason. The header of the connector is made box type.


The design of the connector has been made so as to match with the correct receptacles. The header doesn’t match with receptacles other than XH connector.

Folded beam contact

Easy contact insertion allows the connector to be inserted to the housing smoothly. This is why it is easy to use for the wire to board connections.

Miscellaneous features

The connector can work well within a temperature range of -25 degrees centigrade to +85 degrees centigrade. The connector offers very low contact resistance of 20 m omega. It is applicable to wires of AWG #32 to #22. The connector can withstand AC voltage of 1000 volt per minute.


The connector finds its usage in different types of home appliances, office machines, vending machines, computer, medical, digital camera, telephone, TV and more.

Industrial usage- Market demand

The connector has high demand in the consumer electronics market, automobile electronics market, mobile phone, computer and medical electronics market.

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    Part No. Cross Reference

    Housing & Terminal
    SCT2501-TP SXH-001T-P0.6N
    SCT2501-TP SXH-001T-P0.6
    SCT2501-TP SXH-002T-P0.6
    SCT2501H-2P XHP-2
    SCT2501H-3P XHP-3
    SCT2501H-4P XHP-4
    SCT2501H-5P XHP-5
    SCT2501H-6P XHP-6
    SCT2501H-7P XHP-7
    SCT2501H-8P XHP-8
    SCT2501H-9P XHP-9
    SCT2501H-10P XHP-10
    SCT2501H-11P XHP-11
    SCT2501H-12P XHP-12
    SCT2501H-13P XHP-13
    SCT2501H-14P XHP-14
    SCT2501H-15P XHP-15
    SCT2501H-16P XHP-16
    Vertical Header
    SCT2501WV-2P B2B-XH-A
    SCT2501WV-3P B3B-XH-A
    SCT2501WV-4P B4B-XH-A
    SCT2501WV-5P B5B-XH-A
    SCT2501WV-6P B6B-XH-A
    SCT2501WV-7P B7B-XH-A
    SCT2501WV-8P B8B-XH-A
    SCT2501WV-9P B9B-XH-A
    SCT2501WV-10P B10B-XH-A
    SCT2501WV-11P B11B-XH-A
    SCT2501WV-12P B12B-XH-A
    SCT2501WV-13P B13B-XH-A
    SCT2501WV-14P B14B-XH-A
    SCT2501WV-15P B15B-XH-A
    SCT2501WV-16P B16B-XH-A
    Vertical Header with peg
    SCT2501WV-F-2P B2B-XH-AM
    SCT2501WV-F-3P B3B-XH-AM
    SCT2501WV-F-4P B4B-XH-AM
    SCT2501WV-F-5P B5B-XH-AM
    SCT2501WV-F-6P B6B-XH-AM
    SCT2501WV-F-7P B7B-XH-AM
    SCT2501WV-F-8P B8B-XH-AM
    SCT2501WV-F-9P B9B-XH-AM
    SCT2501WV-F-10P B10B-XH-AM
    SCT2501WV-F-11P B11B-XH-AM
    SCT2501WV-F-12P B12B-XH-AM
    Right-angle Header
    SCT2501WR-2P S2B-XH-A-1 S2B-XH-A
    SCT2501WR-3P S3B-XH-A-1 S3B-XH-A
    SCT2501WR-4P S4B-XH-A-1 S4B-XH-A
    SCT2501WR-5P S5B-XH-A-1 S5B-XH-A
    SCT2501WR-6P S6B-XH-A-1 S6B-XH-A
    SCT2501WR-7P S7B-XH-A-1 S7B-XH-A
    SCT2501WR-8P S8B-XH-A-1 S8B-XH-A
    SCT2501WR-9P S9B-XH-A-1 S9B-XH-A
    SCT2501WR-10P S10B-XH-A-1 S10B-XH-A
    SCT2501WR-11P S11B-XH-A-1 S11B-XH-A
    SCT2501WR-12P S12B-XH-A-1 S12B-XH-A
    SCT2501WR-13P S13B-XH-A-1 S13B-XH-A
    SCT2501WR-14P S14B-XH-A-1 S14B-XH-A
    SCT2501WR-15P S15B-XH-A-1 S15B-XH-A
    SCT2501WR-16P - S16B-XH-A
    SMD Right-angle Header
    SCT2501WR-S-3P S3B-XH-SM4-TB
    SCT2501WR-S-4P S4B-XH-SM4-TB
    SCT2501WR-S-6P S6B-XH-SM4-TB