SCT1001 series connectors are replacement of JST SH Series connectors. with 1.0mm pitch space compact, low profile design. Socket with locking feature mating crimp housing.
Compatible JST SH & SHD Series Connector
Pitch 1.0mm
Poles 2-20 & 2*6-2*25 poles
Current rating 1A (AWG#28-#32)
Item Spec.
Part No. SCT1001
Compatible: JST SH & SHD series connector
Pitch - Mating Interface 1.0mm
Circuits 2-20 & 2*6-2*25
Applicable wire: AWG#28-#32 (Max.OD:1.0mm)
Current Rating: 1A
Voltage Rating: 50V
Temperature Range: -20°C~+85°C
Contact Resistance: 20m Omega Max
Insulation Resistance: 500M Omega Min
Withstanding Voltage: 500V AC/minute

JST SH connector 1.0mm Pitch

JST SH 1.0mm connector is a wire to board connector. The product belongs to the SH series. There are three types of styles of this connector such as dis-connectable, crimp and compact.

The design of the connector has been made low profile. The connector has integrated locking feature in it but it has been made free of holes to avoid problems with vacuum gripping equipments. The lock-in feature of the connector has been achieved with the use of the housing lances.

The receptacle of the connector can be easily disengaged from the head without holding the wires as it has protrusions on every end of the operator. The connector is compatible with SR insulation displacement connector.


As the name of the connector suggests, it has 1.0 mm pitch. The poles of the connector can vary within a range of 2 and 20. The connector can be used for AC and DC operations. The current and voltage rating of the connector is 1A and 50 V respectively.

The connector works perfectly within the temperature range of -20 degrees centigrade to +85 degrees centigrade. The maximum contact resistance offered by the connector is 20m omega.

You need to provide a minimum of 500M omega insulation resistance while using this connector. The connector has the capability to withstand 500V AC per minute. The wire range varies between AWG #28 to #32.

Item, material and package

The housing and wafer package are available as 1000 Pcs per bag. Both these connector types are made of Nylon66 UL94V-0 PA46.

For terminal purpose the available package offers 20,000 Pcs per bag. The material used for these is phosphor bronze or brass. For wire harness, you can ask for custom materials with 1000 Pcs/bag.

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    Part No. Cross reference

    Housing & Terminal
    SCT1001T SSH-003T-P0.2-H SSH-003T-P0.2-H
    SCT1001H-02P SHR-02V-S-B SHR-02V-S
    SCT1001H-03P SHR-03V-S-B SHR-03V-S
    SCT1001H-04P SHR-04V-S-B SHR-04V-S
    SCT1001H-05P SHR-05V-S-B SHR-05V-S
    SCT1001H-06P SHR-06V-S-B SHR-06V-S
    SCT1001H-07P SHR-07V-S-B SHR-07V-S
    SCT1001H-08P SHR-08V-S-B SHR-08V-S
    SCT1001H-09P SHR-09V-S-B SHR-09V-S
    SCT1001H-10P SHR-10V-S-B SHR-10V-S
    SCT1001H-11P SHR-11V-S-B SHR-11V-S
    SCT1001H-12P SHR-12V-S-B SHR-12V-S
    SCT1001H-13P SHR-13V-S-B SHR-13V-S
    SCT1001H-14P SHR-14V-S-B SHR-14V-S
    SCT1001H-15P SHR-15V-S-B SHR-15V-S
    SCT1001H-20P SHR-20V-S-B SHR-20V-S
    SMD Vertical Header
    SCT1001WV-S-02P BM02B-SRSS-TB
    SCT1001WV-S-03P BM03B-SRSS-TB
    SCT1001WV-S-04P BM04B-SRSS-TB
    SCT1001WV-S-05P BM05B-SRSS-TB
    SCT1001WV-S-06P BM06B-SRSS-TB
    SCT1001WV-S-07P BM07B-SRSS-TB
    SCT1001WV-S-08P BM08B-SRSS-TB
    SCT1001WV-S-09P BM09B-SRSS-TB
    SCT1001WV-S-10P BM10B-SRSS-TB
    SCT1001WV-S-11P BM11B-SRSS-TB
    SCT1001WV-S-12P BM12B-SRSS-TB
    SCT1001WV-S-13P BM13B-SRSS-TB
    SCT1001WV-S-14P BM14B-SRSS-TB
    SCT1001WV-S-15P BM15B-SRSS-TB
    SMD Right-angle Header
    SCT1001WR-S-02P SM02B-SRSS-TB
    SCT1001WR-S-03P SM03B-SRSS-TB
    SCT1001WR-S-04P SM04B-SRSS-TB
    SCT1001WR-S-05P SM05B-SRSS-TB
    SCT1001WR-S-06P SM06B-SRSS-TB
    SCT1001WR-S-07P SM07B-SRSS-TB
    SCT1001WR-S-08P SM08B-SRSS-TB
    SCT1001WR-S-09P SM09B-SRSS-TB
    SCT1001WR-S-10P SM10B-SRSS-TB
    SCT1001WR-S-11P SM11B-SRSS-TB
    SCT1001WR-S-12P SM12B-SRSS-TB
    SCT1001WR-S-13P SM13B-SRSS-TB
    SCT1001WR-S-14P SM14B-SRSS-TB
    SCT1001WR-S-15P SM15B-SRSS-TB
    SCT1001WR-S-20P SM20B-SRSS-TB