SCT3961 Series

SCT3961 Series are Replace of JST VH connector. 3.96mm pitch, it can be used with widely on signal, power supply and other consumer electronic product.
Compatible JST VH Series Connector
Pitch 3.96mm
Poles 2-12 poles
Current rating 7A (AWG#18-#22)
Item Spec.
Part No. SCT3961
Compatible: JST VH series connector
Pitch - Mating Interface 3.96mm
Circuits 2-12
Applicable wire: AWG#18-#22 (Max.OD:2.8mm)
Current Rating: 7A
Voltage Rating: 250V
Temperature Range: -25°C~+85°C
Contact Resistance: 20m Omega Max
Insulation Resistance: 1000M Omega Min
Withstanding Voltage: 1000V AC/minute

JST VH 3.96mm connector

JST VH 3.96mm connector is a wire to board connector which finds its use almost in every consumer electronic goods. The connector of VH series is well known for its excellent current carrying capacity. The reliability of the connector with the printed circuit boards has furthered the use of it.



The mounting height of the connector is just about 16.5mm after connecting it to the circuit. This feature makes it the most compact connector of all.

High current carrying capacity and high withstanding voltage

The connector can carry current up to 10 A through it. This gush of current is more than sufficient for any of the electronic devices. This connector has high voltage withstanding capacity of 1500 V AC per minute.

Locking mechanism

The unique locking mechanism of the connector prevents it from getting dislodged due to vibration in the circuit due to many reasons. The connector will not get locked to the circuit if it is misconnected. This is because it has a locking mechanism in place.

Versatility of the box contact

The box type contact is the most advanced contact used in the connectors these days. VH connector uses this contact. The contact not only secures the locking system of the circuit but also it makes the connector usable in various applications.


Variety of signal circuits and power supply circuits

Signal circuits can be of various types such as low voltage and low current. The power supply circuit generally allows flow of high amount of current. This connector is used in such circuits.

Output circuits

Output circuit gives you the electrical power for the use of various appliances. The current carrying capacity of the connector makes it usable in those circuits.

Consumer electronics

Different types of home appliances, computer, electronic parts, Printed circuits boards and many other devices use the connector.

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    Part No. Cross Reference

    Housing & Terminal
    SCT3961T SVH-21T-P1.1 -
    SCT3961T SVH-41T-P1.1 -
    SCT3961H-2P VHR-2N VHR-2M
    SCT3961H-3P VHR-3N VHR-3M
    SCT3961H-4P VHR-4N VHR-4M
    SCT3961H-5P VHR-5N VHR-5M
    SCT3961H-6P VHR-6N VHR-6M
    SCT3961H-7P VHR-7N VHR-7M
    SCT3961H-8P VHR-8N -
    SCT3961H-9P VHR-9N VHR-9M
    SCT3961H-10P VHR-10N -
    SCT3961H-11P VHR-11N -
    Vertical Header
    SCT3961WV-2P B 2P-VH
    SCT3961WV-3P B 3P-VH
    SCT3961WV-4P B 4P-VH
    SCT3961WV-5P B 5P-VH
    SCT3961WV-6P B 6P-VH
    SCT3961WV-7P B 7P-VH
    SCT3961WV-8P B 8P-VH
    SCT3961WV-9P B 9P-VH
    SCT3961WV-10P B 10P-VH
    Right-angle Header
    SCT3961WR-2P B 2PS-VH
    SCT3961WR-3P B 3PS-VH
    SCT3961WR-4P B 4PS-VH
    SCT3961WR-5P B 5PS-VH
    SCT3961WR-6P B 6PS-VH
    SCT3961WR-7P B 7PS-VH
    SCT3961WR-8P B 8PS-VH
    SCT3961WR-9P B 9PS-VH
    SCT3961WR-10P B 10PS-VH