SCT1258 Series

SCT1258 series are replacement of JST GH connectors. 1.25mm pitch with secure locking device. Low insertion force type realizes easier mating opearation for small electronic device.
Compatible JST GH Series Connector
Pitch 1.25mm
Poles 2-15 poles
Current rating 1A (AWG#26-#30)
Item Spec.
Part No. SCT1258
Compatible: JST GH series connector
Pitch - Mating Interface 1.25mm
Circuits 2-15
Applicable wire: AWG#26-#30(Max.OD:0.8mm)
Current Rating: 1A
Voltage Rating: 50V
Temperature Range: -25°C~+85°C
Contact Resistance: 30m Omega Max
Insulation Resistance: 100M Omega Min
Withstanding Voltage: 500V AC/minute

JST GH 1.25mm connector

JST GH 1.25mm connector is the newest model of the GH series wire to board from the manufacturer. It serves an important purpose in high density applications like plasma display panels, notebook PCs, LCD monitors, cellular phones, PDAs and different other small electronic equipments.


Locking feature

The locking feature of the connector has four sub-features. First of all it has got secure locking feature. The contact porting of the connector has been so designed that you just need to connect it to the circuit with small insertion feature. Apart from that it has got embossed tape for it being applicable to automatic connection equipment.

Click feedback

This GH series connector should match to the header where it is connector. The polarity sensing feature of the connector produces click sound when correct polarities of the headers are matched.

Free from deformation

The connector has a fork-shaped header. The header has grooves on the housing walls. This feature helps you to prevent the connector and circuit elements from getting distorted.

Different variants

GH connector is available in both disconnectable and crimp form. Along with that it comes with pitches which vary between two to fifteen.


The connector is compatible with wires of size AWG #26 to #30. The connector can be used in the circuit where the temperature varies between -25 degrees centigrade to +85 degrees centigrade. Since the header of the connector is not plated with lead, it can be shipped to almost all countries.


Replacement for SHL connector

The concept behind design and performance of the connector is same as GH connector hence it can be an easy replacement for that.

Usage in electronic equipments

It can be used in all types of PCB assemblies, projector, and high power applications, computers, inkjet, notebook PC, ATM machines, LCD, security systems, digital camera, PDAs, cell phones, scanner, medical equipment, fingerprint machines, taximeter, automobile, power source for communication devices and many more.

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    Part No. Cross reference

    Housing & Terminal
    SCT1258T SSHL-002T-P0.2
    SCT1258H-02P GHR-02V-S
    SCT1258H-03P GHR-03V-S
    SCT1258H-04P GHR-04V-S
    SCT1258H-05P GHR-05V-S
    SCT1258H-06P GHR-06V-S
    SCT1258H-07P GHR-07V-S
    SCT1258H-08P GHR-08V-S
    SCT1258H-09P GHR-09V-S
    SCT1258H-10P GHR-10V-S
    SCT1258H-11P GHR-11V-S
    SCT1258H-12P GHR-12V-S
    SCT1258H-13P GHR-13V-S
    SCT1258H-14P GHR-14V-S
    SCT1258H-15P GHR-15V-S
    SMD Socket Vertical
    SCT1258WV-S-2P BM02B-GHS-TBT
    SCT1258WV-S-3P BM03B-GHS-TBT
    SCT1258WV-S-4P BM04B-GHS-TBT
    SCT1258WV-S-5P BM05B-GHS-TBT
    SCT1258WV-S-6P BM06B-GHS-TBT
    SCT1258WV-S-7P BM07B-GHS-TBT
    SCT1258WV-S-8P BM08B-GHS-TBT
    SCT1258WV-S-9P BM09B-GHS-TBT
    SCT1258WV-S-10P BM10B-GHS-TBT
    SCT1258WV-S-11P BM11B-GHS-TBT
    SCT1258WV-S-12P BM12B-GHS-TBT
    SCT1258WV-S-13P BM13B-GHS-TBT
    SCT1258WV-S-14P BM14B-GHS-TBT
    SCT1258WV-S-15P BM15B-GHS-TBT
    SMD Socket Right-angle
    SCT1258WR-S-2P SM02B-GHS-TBT
    SCT1258WR-S-3P SM03B-GHS-TBT
    SCT1258WR-S-4P SM04B-GHS-TBT
    SCT1258WR-S-5P SM05B-GHS-TBT
    SCT1258WR-S-6P SM06B-GHS-TBT
    SCT1258WR-S-7P SM07B-GHS-TBT
    SCT1258WR-S-8P SM08B-GHS-TBT
    SCT1258WR-S-9P SM09B-GHS-TBT
    SCT1258WR-S-10P SM10B-GHS-TBT
    SCT1258WR-S-11P SM11B-GHS-TBT
    SCT1258WR-S-12P SM12B-GHS-TBT
    SCT1258WR-S-13P SM13B-GHS-TBT
    SCT1258WR-S-14P SM14B-GHS-TBT
    SCT1258WR-S-15P SM15B-GHS-TBT