SCT0800 Series

SCT0800 series are replacement of JST SUR Series connectors. 0.8mm pitch wire to board connector,low-profile compact tyle, IDC style without crimp terminal.
Compatible JST SUR Series Connector
Pitch 0.8mm
Poles 2-22 poles
Current rating 0.5A (AWG#32,36)

Components Drawing

Cable assembly

Cable Assemblies

Item Spec.
Part No. SCT0800
Compatible: JST SUR series connector
Pitch - Mating Interface 0.5mm
Circuits 2-22
Applicable wire: AWG#32,36 (Max.OD:1.0mm)
Current Rating: 0.5A
Voltage Rating: 30V
Temperature Range: -20°C~+85°C
Contact Resistance: 20m Omega Max
Insulation Resistance: 100M Omega Min
Withstanding Voltage: 200V AC/minute

SUR 0.8mm connector

SUR 0.8mm connector is the world’s first 0.8 mm wire to board connector. This SUR connector mainly finds its application in density packed electronic devices. This SUR series connector is available in various positions with the same rating for all. Its side mount and top mount variants add flexibility to fabrication and design.


Three point grip construction

Three point grip feature of the SUR connector puts less pressure on the individual grips. On the other hand the grip is maintained firm. The same feature helps the displacement connection from any sort of possible damage as the grip holds the wires.

Super fine wires are usable

The connector can be used with the wires of AWG within the range of #32 to #36. The diameter of the wires should be 1.0mm. The routing job becomes easier with the help of super fine wires. The connector can also be applicable with conductor of seven strands thin copper alloy of diameter 0.39 mm.

Shrouded header

The header of the connector is shrouded. It doesn’t impact on the size of the connector. It remains thin as usual.

Twin U-slot section

This section is known as twin U-slot displacement section. Each wire has twin tin wires which can be connected to the two U-slots of the connector to ensure proper connection.

Three available types and two mount types

The connector has three variants depending upon its usage such as IDC, low-profile and compact. Apart from that each type has two mount types such as top and side mount. The side entry type SUR connector saves around 34 percent of the space on the PCB as compared to the conventional type of connector used.

Temperature range, insulation and contact resistance

The connector works in a temperature range of -25 degrees centigrade to +85 degrees centigrade after taking in to account the rising of temperature due to flow of current.

Insulation and contact resistance are of 100M omega minimum and 20m omega maximum respectively.


All densely packed electronic products

The SUR connector finds its usage in devices like VCRs, PDAs, computer, notebook, speaker, headlight, engine, stereo, LCD, LED lamps, battery, lamp strip, fan, car, headlights, PCB and digital cameras.

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    Part No. Cross reference

    Housing & Terminal
    Scondar Part No. JST P/N
    SCT0800H-02P 02SUR-32S 02SUR-36L
    SCT0800H-03P 03SUR-32S 03SUR-36L
    SCT0800H-04P 04SUR-32S 04SUR-36L
    SCT0800H-05P 05SUR-32S 05SUR-36L
    SCT0800H-06P 06SUR-32S 06SUR-36L
    SCT0800H-07P 07SUR-32S 07SUR-36L
    SCT0800H-08P 08SUR-32S 08SUR-36L
    SCT0800H-09P 09SUR-32S 09SUR-36L
    SCT0800H-10P 10SUR-32S 10SUR-36L
    SCT0800H-11P 11SUR-32S 11SUR-36L
    SCT0800H-12P 12SUR-32S 12SUR-36L
    SCT0800H-13P 13SUR-32S 13SUR-36L
    SCT0800H-14P 14SUR-32S 14SUR-36L
    SCT0800H-15P 15SUR-32S 15SUR-36L
    SCT0800H-16P 16SUR-32S 16SUR-36L
    SCT0800H-17P 17SUR-32S 17SUR-36L
    SCT0800H-18P 18SUR-32S 18SUR-36L
    SCT0800H-19P 19SUR-32S 19SUR-36L
    SCT0800H-20P 20SUR-32S 20SUR-36L
    SCT0800H-21P 21SUR-32S 21SUR-36L
    SCT0800H-22P 22SUR-32S 22SUR-36L
    SMD Vertical Header
    Scondar Part No. JST P/N
    SCT0800WV-S-02P BM02B-SURS-TF
    SCT0800WV-S-03P BM03B-SURS-TF
    SCT0800WV-S-04P BM04B-SURS-TF
    SCT0800WV-S-05P BM05B-SURS-TF
    SCT0800WV-S-06P BM06B-SURS-TF
    SCT0800WV-S-07P BM07B-SURS-TF
    SCT0800WV-S-08P BM08B-SURS-TF
    SCT0800WV-S-09P BM09B-SURS-TF
    SCT0800WV-S-10P BM10B-SURS-TF
    SCT0800WV-S-11P BM11B-SURS-TF
    SCT0800WV-S-12P BM12B-SURS-TF
    SCT0800WV-S-13P BM13B-SURS-TF
    SCT0800WV-S-14P BM14B-SURS-TF
    SCT0800WV-S-15P BM15B-SURS-TF
    SCT0800WV-S-16P BM16B-SURS-TF
    SCT0800WV-S-17P BM17B-SURS-TF
    SCT0800WV-S-18P BM18B-SURS-TF
    SCT0800WV-S-19P BM19B-SURS-TF
    SCT0800WV-S-20P BM20B-SURS-TF
    SCT0800WV-S-21P BM21B-SURS-TF
    SCT0800WV-S-22P BM22B-SURS-TF
    SMD Right-angle Header
    Scondar Part No. JST P/N
    SCT0800WR-S-02P SM02B-SURS-TF
    SCT0800WR-S-03P SM03B-SURS-TF
    SCT0800WR-S-04P SM04B-SURS-TF
    SCT0800WR-S-05P SM05B-SURS-TF
    SCT0800WR-S-06P SM06B-SURS-TF
    SCT0800WR-S-07P SM07B-SURS-TF
    SCT0800WR-S-08P SM08B-SURS-TF
    SCT0800WR-S-09P SM09B-SURS-TF
    SCT0800WR-S-10P SM10B-SURS-TF
    SCT0800WR-S-11P SM11B-SURS-TF
    SCT0800WR-S-12P SM12B-SURS-TF
    SCT0800WR-S-13P SM13B-SURS-TF
    SCT0800WR-S-14P SM14B-SURS-TF
    SCT0800WR-S-15P SM15B-SURS-TF
    SCT0800WR-S-16P SM16B-SURS-TF
    SCT0800WR-S-17P SM17B-SURS-TF
    SCT0800WR-S-18P SM18B-SURS-TF
    SCT0800WR-S-19P SM19B-SURS-TF
    SCT0800WR-S-20P SM20B-SURS-TF
    SCT0800WR-S-21P SM21B-SURS-TF
    SCT0800WR-S-22P SM22B-SURS-TF