SCT1254 Series are replacement of Molex's 1.25mm PanelMate™ system,The connectors was designed for Flat Panel Display Panels that require thin, low profile connectors.
Compatible Molex PanelMate™ Series Connector
Pitch 1.25mm
Poles 2-16,20,30 poles
Current rating 1A (AWG#28-#32)


Cable Assemblies

Item Spec.
Part No. SCT1254
Compatible: Molex PanelMate™ series connector
Pitch - Mating Interface 1.25mm
Circuits 2-16,20,30
Applicable wire: AWG#28-#32 (Max.OD:1.0mm)
Current Rating: 1A
Voltage Rating: 100V
Temperature Range: -25°C~+85°C
Contact Resistance: 20m Omega Max
Insulation Resistance: 100M Omega Min
Withstanding Voltage: 500V AC/minute

Molex PanelMate 51146 1.25mm pitch connector

The name panel mate of the Molex PanelMate 51146 1.25mm pitch connector has been derived from the functionality of the connector for being compatible with flat panel display panels especially. The low profile nature of the wire to board connector makes it usable in all low profile applications. The poles of the connector can vary from 2 to 16, 20 and 30.


Ultra low profile design

The depth, width and length of the connector are 6.2mm, 1.8mm, and 9.47 mm respectively. For this reason the connector can be used with various crimp terminals.

Surface mount option with strong solder tabs

This surface mount feature of the connector makes it easy for the connector to stay connected with the PC board. This type of design also features fillet tail design for the same purpose.

Friction lock and housing lance

Friction lock is a necessary and important feature of a connector and the connector of series 51146 has friction lock feature along with housing lance. The locking feature helps the connector to maintain firm contact with the circuit.

Wipe length

The connector also features wipe length of 0.9mm. This enables the connector to remove all sorts of contaminants from disrupting the connections.

Polarized design

Polarized design of the connector makes it easy to detect the terminals of the connector. You won’t make mistakes while connecting the connector with the circuit. In turn, you will avoid mating problems.

Environmental and electrical constraints

The connector can work properly within a temperature range of -25 degrees centigrade to +85 degrees centigrade. The connector can withstand a voltage of 500V AC per minute.


Consumer applications

The connector finds its usage in various consumer goods such as LCD, TV panel, set top boxes, notebook PC, point of sales terminals, and various mobile phones and gaming consoles.

Industrial applications

The connector finds its application in both automotive and medical industries. In automotive industry, the connector is used in the LCD panels used in cars and in the medical industry the connector used in patient monitors.

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    Part No. Cross reference

    Housing & Terminal
    SCONDAR P/N Molex P/N
    SCT1254T-P 506418141/506418041
    SCT1254H-2P 511460200
    SCT1254H-3P 511460300
    SCT1254H-4P 511460400
    SCT1254H-5P 511460500
    SCT1254H-6P 511460600
    SCT1254H-7P 511460700
    SCT1254H-8P 511460800
    SCT1254H-9P 511460900
    SCT1254H-10P 511461000
    SCT1254H-11P 511461100
    SCT1254H-12P 511461200
    SCT1254H-13P 511461300
    SCT1254H-14P 511461400
    SCT1254H-15P 511461500
    SCT1254H-16P 511461600
    SMD Right-angle Socket
    SCONDAR P/N Molex P/N
    SCT1254WR-S-2P 537800270
    SCT1254WR-S-3P 537800370
    SCT1254WR-S-4P 537800470
    SCT1254WR-S-5P 537800570
    SCT1254WR-S-6P 537800670
    SCT1254WR-S-7P 537800770
    SCT1254WR-S-8P 537800870
    SCT1254WR-S-9P 537800970
    SCT1254WR-S-10P 537801070
    SCT1254WR-S-11P 537801170
    SCT1254WR-S-12P 537801270
    SCT1254WR-S-13P 537801370
    SCT1254WR-S-14P 537801470
    SCT1254WR-S-15P 537801570
    SCT1254WR-S-16P 537801670