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January 10, 2017
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January 10, 2017

Molex Connector

Technology-driven devices are considered to be popular in the world we have today. There are almost numbers of devices or gadgets that the advancement in technology offers. Due to many numbers of devices or gadgets being invented, demands of the people in the society are as well increasing. But we must also be aware that certain devices as well needed some components for some purposes. And there are numbers of devices, gadgets, appliances or whatever terms it may be that require the use of connector — a product that is being utilized in order to connect a device to another one.

And if you are looking for provider of connectors we at Scondar can be counted on always. We are considered to be on top among other providers of connectors in different types. One of the best connectors that we are into proudly offering is the Molex Connector which is considered as vernacular term coined for two pieces of pin and socket interconnection wherein most frequently connectors for disk drive.

Molex connectors are known to be considered as power connectors due to its high quality and capability. Molex connector is considered to be well-equipped with power deliver as well as power distribution in any type of connectors such as wire to wire, board to board or wire to board connectors. It offers versatility and also can be modified or even adapted in order to achieve any of the needed requirements for application or installation. Molex connector is as well capable of matching or being compatible with numbers of devices or appliances. And one of the best usages of Mx connector is on the computer industry particularly in desktop PC.

Still, consider the following features and benefits that our Molex Connector could offer:

  • Our connector allows user to experience design flexibility for it features industry standard pin and socket terminal.
  • It also has the ability to perform well for it has terminal in high current.
  • And also our Molex connector and its terminals could be used on receptacle or plug housings.
  • Here are some of the products that we are into offering as for Molex Connector:
  • For wire to board connector type we have included Molex 51021 connector 1.25mm, 51146 1.25mm, 2139 3.96mm, 51004 2.0mm, 70066 70107 2.54mm, 43025 43045 3.0mm, 5557 5559 4.2mm and 8981 5.08mm.
  • And for wire to wire connector we have Molex 51005 2.0mm pitch connector and a lot more options.

Molex 51021 connector Molex 51004 connector Molex 70066 70107 connector

Those that are mentioned above are just some among those wide numbers of connectors that we are into offering. You have greater possibilities of choosing which one perfectly suited not just your device but as well as your taste.

If aiming to utilize the best connectors then the use of Molex connector can be of great option. There can be numbers of connectors that are capable of connecting into a device or appliances but then our connectors could be the best choice. We are to make sure that you experience benefits and advantages once you are into using our connectors particularly the Molex connector.


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  1. healey pang says:

    We are looking for equivalent Molex connector 54306-5019 & Molex cover 54331-0501 [ or 3M connector 10150-300VE and 3M connector cover 10350-52A0-008].
    Please advise if you have any equivalent replacement?

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