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January 10, 2017
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Wire to Wire Connector

One of the most widely used products when it comes to joining sections of circuits with another is the connectors. It is known that numbers of many individuals of today are into using certain devices that requires the use of connectors. There can be many types of connectors depending on your needs and compatibility with the device that you are to use. One among the types of connectors is the wire to wire connector and we at Scondar are capable of providing you with multitude options of the said product.

We are considered as on the top in terms of delivering connectors for almost millions of our customers. Scondar is into offering superior reliability mating, easy way of assembling and most especially affordability compared to other manufacturers of connectors. Wire to wire connector is just one among those numbers of connectors that we are proud to offer. We are considered as team of great providers for connectors that are being demanded by numbers of many people in the society. With the importance of functions and usage of the connector there is of great need to have only the best supplier and we can be counted on.

We are into offering different types of connectors and as one among our categories is the wire to wire connector like JST and Molex. Our products are to provide flexible design and modularity that are capable of being compatible with different appliances and devices such as your washing machines, refrigerators, ventilators and heating units. Since most devices are into requiring the use of connectors for some purposes it would be of great importance if you are to choose the one with highest qualities and features. And we are to rest assured to offer only the best wire to wire connector available in the market today.

Consider the following benefits that our wire to wire connector could offer:

  • It has higher capabilities to carry high current.
  • It features dual row system with good dissipation of heat and also lower engagement force.
  • Our product has positive lock making it possible for a secured mating retention.
  • It as well provides mounting ears in spring style for preventing from breakage.
  • And also it has its secondary lock capable for terminal setting that is reliable.

We are into offering the best wire to wire connector that only offers high quality standards and so offering numerous benefits or advantages. Those that are mentioned above are just some of what our products are to offer. And for sure, there is a lot more.

If you are looking for wire to wire connector that will surely meet your demands about the use of connectors then we will never fail to offer you the best ones in the market. You will never be disappointed once you choose connector from our products for we are capable of delivering highest quality connectors for our customers to be satisfied. Scondar will be offering numbers of connectors that will surely respond to your needs and will certainly match with your device.


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