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Wire-to-Board Connector and Board-to-Board Connectors –All Available at Scondar
January 10, 2017
Molex connector Equivalent Option from Scondar
January 10, 2017

Board to Board Connector

Connectors are considered to be widely used by many individuals in terms of connecting into a certain devices. Connectors are now playing great role for many devices and so it would be of great importance if you are to choose the best connector ever. And so Scondar is on its way of responding for the needs and demands of many people looking for connectors. We are into offering highest quality products that are to provide great function for many users of the society.

Scondar is considered as leading provider of connectors and one among those products is the board to board connector like Gradconn Smolex Samtec PCB connectors. Our product is known to be high standard in terms of functionality. Higher bandwidth is also considered to be one among the great features of our connectors. We are more about quality rather than offering the best design yet low in quality. We are into making sure that our board to board connector will be able to respond to the needs of society regarding connectors. And as part of our legacy, we will only provide the best product for our customers.

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Affordability is as well considered to be one of our greatest offers. Since there are wide options of connectors that are included in our list we provide the chance for our customers to have varied options. And so in connection with that, we are offering our board to board connector in lower prices making it possible for many people to afford our products. We are sensitive enough about the importance of connectors as well as of money. Compare Jst and Molex

Consider the following benefits and features that you can experience through our board to board connector:

  • Our product is known to be in low profile and compact design perfect for space savings for those signalling applications with high density.
  • It as well has the ability to withstand a vibration and offers electrical reliability.
  • Our product has the capability of reaching the highest needs for speed transmission.
  • It can also provide secure retention as well as a cost-effective style for board mounting.
  • It as well offers strain relief for the solder joints.
  • Our connectors are as well protected against during mating against terminal buckling.

Those are just some of the features and benefits that we are proud of regarding our board to board connector. Through our connector there will be an assurance of experiencing great advantages on the part of the users. With our connectors particularly the board to board great product will be rendered.

If you are interested with our board to board connector you are given the chance to choose from our arrays of options. We believe that through providing multitude options users are as well provided with the chance to choose which one really suits their needs. We at Scondar are always dedicated in terms of entertaining our customers about their orders of connectors. We will always welcome our customers as part of our goal not just to provide high quality connectors but as well as great satisfaction for our customers.


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