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Wire to Board Connectors by Scondar
January 10, 2017
Board To Board connectors Manufacturer | Scondar
January 10, 2017

What makes Scondar the Top Choice?

If you’re looking for dependable supplier of quality board to board connectors and wire to board connectors, the only place that can able to provide you that is the –Scondar. They have gained great respect in the industry since they never stop providing quality wire to board and board to board solution. All clients demand and standard are being considered to exceed their expectation. Furthermore, the Scondar provides free samples which are available for assessment to those individuals who wanted to check the performance and quality of the product on their device. This is provided for free o make you feel assured.

Through this, you will no longer be bothered about investing on things which does not work. Scondar also offers free delivery. The standard delivery period was set as clients place their order. For maximum of seven day, the item will arrive and ready for use. And since Scondar concentrates more on quality, the connectors provided are CE certified and RoHs and UL compliant.

How to choose the best Wire-to-Board Connector?

1.Shape and Wire Number: Connecting wires and shapes needs to be the initial check point when selecting connector. However, it’s also important to think over about the circuit pressure and current. Current in the circuit is the one that will indentify the wire diameter. This in return will verify if which connector is suitable to it. There are numerous kinds of contacts which are available in the market today. Availability commonly depends on wire diameter, it’s essential for your contacts to fit not mainly to the conductor’s diameter but with its cover as well.

2.Contact Plating: When choosing one, it’s necessary for you to understand the currents magnitude, pressure, and environment in which the said connector will be utilized. Specific pressure and current vary based on the connector’s type. The highly reliable gold plating is utilized in low pressure, and low current connectors; while cost effective tin plating needs to be used in other connectors.

3.The Poles Amount: Removing and inserting connector can establish unexpected high energy, since each contact create energy and higher energy is being create when more poles are available in the area. It’s possible to lessen contact pressure for each contact with gold platting but not with the tin plating. The tin plating necessitates relatively high-contact pressure which may lead to smaller-maximum pole amount than the gold plating.

No one can ever surpass the convenience and quality provided by Scondar. With their several years in industry, servicing various manufacturers of wire to board industry, board to board connector and wire to wired, you are 100% guaranteed that their products are not just made with quality but durable and sophisticated too.

It was in year 2001 when the company stated as Scondar, which focuse on alternative brands “JST Molex AMP and TYCO Connector Products”. They provide more than 1000 customized cables and connectors products for all client’s electronic needs and solutions. Now, the company is enjoying being the most in demand and reputable electronic supplier to more than 60 countries.


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